About Us

Here at Richard's Imagine Center of Hope (RICH) your dreams can be revealed even through a clouded vision. We serve individuals from the City of Pittsburgh, PA and surrounding counties. We are driven in many ways by personal experiences, humility, and pride to influence people’s lives from a grassroot, community-based level.

Our decision making process is based on providing guidance and support to people who are looking for a second or third time to get their life in perspective. We strive to build productive relationships with our participants and stakeholders and make a positive impact in the pursuit of happiness.


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Richard's Imagine Center of Hope, Inc (RICH) is structured to provide temporary housing, educational/ vocational support, and counseling. These services are for individuals seeking permanent housing, educational resources, employment options, mental/physical guidance, and financial freedom towards a brighter future.

The organization will serve as a citywide network and referral repository for education systems, social service agencies, and community organizations. RICH will operate an information and education center for college readiness and workforce development practices; promoting social justice awareness to address people's academic, financial, social, emotional, and mental needs.

The center will focus on homelessness, high school dropouts, housing, youth development, career development, teen parenting, community pride, and civic engagement. The target group is individuals ages 13-25 needing a second or third chance to live a normal life and interested in career development. They are willing to improve the quality of life for themselves and those whom they care for, and are eager to learn and grow with adequate support systems in place. The center is willing to work with individuals who are serious about changing the outcomes of their futures. Not just talking the talk but walking the walk.


To increase young people’s access to safe and stable housing, school/employment connections, social and emotional security, and self-sufficiency. Identifying their capabilities and building their careers. More involvement with community development. Work towards building permanent, lasting relationships with families, communities, schools, and other social networks.

Youth Development

RICH is concerned with individuals who dropped out of school, live on the streets, face teen parenting, and seek college guidance/scholarships.

Youth will experience job training/placement, housing security, community development, educational/vocational training, counseling, mentoring, social skill support, civic engagement, referral support, post-secondary focus, employment options, relationship building, credit counseling, gardening/landscaping, and field trips (local and out of town).

Activities will focus on career building classes, education workshops/seminars, job shadowing, mock interviews, industry trips, community outreach, GED/pre-apprentice/vocational classes, college tours/visits, job readiness development, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has RICH been around?

RICH goes back 20 to 30 years of giving back to the community mainly on a voluntary basis, through various levels of advocacy and support, hosting community-wide events, creating youth programs, developing a community garden, and building strong partnerships with stakeholders from community leaders to elected officials.

What has RICH done for the community

RICH was instrumental in helping students enroll in higher education programs from the building trades to prestigious schools like Duquesne University in Pittsburgh to Drexel University in Philadelphia. We help students and families matriculate through the education process whether they are seeking scholarships options to determining the best institution fit for their personalities and characters. We show people how to lean on local officials for fundraising efforts to recruiting students for services offered in the program.

How many people have participated in RICH?

RICH has provided services to as little as 1 person to as many as 100 people. Depending on the project, activity, or event determines the outcome of service or behavior. The Toys for Tots Celebration had 150 children, families, and volunteers in attendance. They had arts and crafts, refreshments, photos with Santa, and a sack of toys and treats.

What events does RICH host?

RICH had two major events in 2018. The Fall Festival received money, food, candy, gift cards, and gift baskets through fundraising efforts for a total of $2110. Some of their sponsors were: The Toys for Tots Drive received support from several local businesses such as the Steelers, Giant Eagle, Todd Hollis Law just to name a few. Individuals like Leslie Fernandez who donated a Best Buy gift card for a teenager who was a tremendous volunteer and Ardyaf Art Studios donated a portrait for a raffle prize. Trying Together prepared three gift baskets to award to three families during the raffle. The fundraising for this event totaled about $3750.

How many events are hosted per year?

Our goal is to host a major event each quarter of the year. This decision is based on funding sources, volunteer support, and time constraints to effective plan an event. These annual events are scheduled during a particular time of the year for a specific community purpose and they are heavily promoted and advertised.

What impacts have been made on the community

The impact on the community is long-lasting. The results are seen when participants complete a program, participate in an activity, help landscape a lot, learn a skill, and more. Individuals are impacted through growth and development, partners share resources, sponsors' display belief in the cause, and the city as a whole wins when all of its people win.