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Who We Are

Who We Are

Richard's Imagine Center of Hope, Inc. (RICH) is a grassroot community non-profit designed to provide temporary housing, educational/ vocational support, counseling, and financial literacy to individuals seeking permanent housing, educational resources, employment options, mental/physical guidance, and financial freedom towards a brighter future.

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What We Do


Serve as a citywide network and referral repository for education systems, social service agencies, and community organizations.


Operate an information and education center for college readiness and workforce development practices.


Promote social justice awareness to address people's academic, financial, social, emotional, and mental needs.

Who We Seek

We focus on homelessness, high school dropouts, housing, youth development, career development, teen parenting, community pride, and civic engagement. The target group is individuals ages 13-25 needing a second or third chance to live a normal life with normal circumstances, interested in career development, willing to improve the quality of life for themselves and those whom they care for, and eager to make adjustments in life. This can be achieved through positive thinking and adequate support systems in place. We approach real-life circumstances to learn through our growing experiences.

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